Anybody Here Seen Jeannie?
Season 1, Episode 7
Number (#7) in series (139 episodes)
IDOJ episode - anybody Here Seen Jeannie
Jeannie, not wanting Tony breaking his tether on a spacewalk and be lost in space, sabotages his tests for his next space launch.
Air date 30 October 1965
Production code 1.07
Written by Sidney Sheldon & Arnold Horwitt
Directed by Gene Nelson
Guest stars: Dabney Coleman
Davis Roberts
Ed Stoddard
Episode chronology
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"The Yacht Murder Case" "The Americanization of Jeannie"

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Anybody Here Seen Jeannie? is the seventh episode of the First Season of I Dream of Jeannie. The episode, which was written by Sidney Sheldon and Arnold Horwitt, and directed by Gene Nelson, originally aired on NBC-TV on 30 October 1965.


Tony is scheduled to take a historic walk into outer space, but Dr. Bellows wants him to take a few medical tests first. Jeannie envisions her beloved Master floating helpless in space and decides to sabotage the tests from her hiding spot in Tony's jacket.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

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