Austin & Irma Kalish
Austin & Irma Kalish
Austin and Irma Kalish co-wrote the Season 1 episode "Whatever Became of Baby Custer?" with series creator Sidney Sheldon.
General Information:
Occupation: TV producers/Screenwriters
Sex: Male (Austin) & Female (Irma)
Birth name: Austin Roy Kalish (Austin)
Irma Ginsberg (Irma)
Born in: New York City
Related to: TV producer Bruce Kalish (son)
Nancy Kalish Biederman (daughter)
Leah Ayres (daughter-in-law)
Series/character information
Appeared on/in
and/or involved with:
I Dream of Jeannie
Job on series: co-wrote episode "Whatever Became of Baby Custer?" with Sidney Sheldon (Season 1)

Austin Roy Kalish (born 3 February 1921) and his wife, Irma Kalish (born Irma Ginsberg 6 October 1924) co-wrote, along with I Dream of Jeannie series creator Sidney Sheldon, the Season 1 episode titled "Whatever Became of Baby Custer?"

Amongst their many works on television, the couple co-produced a total of 48 episodes of the 1970s CBS-TV sitcom series Good Times. Their son, Bruce Kalish, who is also a TV producer/screenwriter, also wrote three Season 5 episodes of the series.

Both Austin and Irma were born and raised in Jewish families in New York City. They both, over the long course of their career in Hollywood, have produced and written episodes for such TV shows as Gilligan's Island, The Bob Newhart Show, Good Times, All in the Family, Carter Country, Too Close for Comfort and The Facts of Life.

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