Blue Djinn's Bottle
Blue djinn bottle 01
Episode Count: 1
Item Type Genie Bottle
Owner(s): Anthony Nelson
User(s): Anthony Nelson
Purpose(s): Residence or prison for the Blue Djinn for the safekeeping of others whom he might want to kill or imprison in bottles

The Blue Djinn's Bottle is an aged black-and-greenish bottle similar to Jeannie's bottle and the wicked twin sister Jeannie's bottle. It is an Arabian genie bottle that is the home of the Blue Djinn and was uncorked by Anthony Nelson on the same island where he found Jeannie in her bottle.


In the second season episode of I Dream of Jeannie titled, "Happy Anniversary", The Blue Djinn was uncorked by Major Anthony Nelson on the same island where he found Jeannie in her bottle.

Anthony Nelson thought that the Blue Djinn's bottle was Jeannie's, a new bottle. Jeannie made sure that Anthony Nelson would again crash on that same island for their anniversary. Jeannie never expected that the Blue Djinn's bottle would also strand on the same beach where her bottle got stranded on. Since Anthony Nelson was the one who uncorked the Blue Djinn's bottle, he is his actual master. The bottle and the Blue Djinn are never seen again.


Blue djinn bottle 02

The Blue Djinn's bottle

The exterior of the Blue Djinn 's bottle also carries the appearance as all genie bottle. The bottle's base is round and has an oval shape like Jeannie's to allow the interior to have enough room for him to sleep and reside. The top and the body of the bottle is circular and narrow to allow the genie to exit their bottle through smoke or magic. When the Blue Djinn smokes out of his bottle, the color is blue like the color of his body and outfit.

The Blue Djinn's bottle has a different color than Jeannie's bottle. It resembles Jeannie's bottle used in the first season of the show, but this one has a more greenish color. The reason why this bottle could be that green, is because it could be meant to look like a very old bottle and aged through the centuries. The greenish color could also be the effect algae of the sea water. A little black can be seen and some faded patterns.