General Wingard Stone
General Stone
Philip Ober as General Stone
Vital characteristics:
Job/Career: Edwards Air Force Base commander, Edwards Air Force Base, Cape Kennedy, FL, 1965
Rank/Title (If any): Brigadier General Stone, USAF (O-7)
Gender Male
Date of birth: 1900-1915 (?)
Born in: United States.
Died: ????
Died in: ????
Family/Personal information:
Children: Melissa Stone (daughter)
About: Thinks highly of Tony, whom he offers a job with him in his new job as a U.S. State Department Ambassador in Washington, D.C.
Character information
Appeared on/in: I Dream of Jeannie
Number of episodes: "The Lady in the Bottle" and in "Jeannie and the Marriage Caper" Season 1
Portrayed by Philip Ober

Brigadier General Wingard Stone appears in two epioses Seasons 1 of I Dream of Jeannie, the pilot episode "The Lady in the Bottle" and "Jeannie and the Marriage Caper". The part of General Stone is played by Philip Ober.

About General Stone

General Stone, who thinks highly of Tony, is fully expecting him to eventually marry his daughter Melissa, whom he is engaged to at the time he discovers Jeannie on an island in the Pacific. Like Dr. Bellows, he is completely in the dark pertaining to Jeannie's identity and her powers as a genie. 

In the episode "Jeannie and the Marriage Caper", when the General is offered a new civilian job as a European ambassador by the State Department, he offers Tony a prestigious civilian job in his new office in Washington, D.C., Jeannie manages is break up Tony's engagement Melissa, who, along with General Stone, is never seen again. (This event reflects producer Sidney Sheldon's decision that the engagement depicted in the pilot episode would not be part of the series continuity; he realized the romantic triangle he created between Jeannie, "Master", and Melissa Stone wouldn't pan out in the long run.)