Place of Origin: Arabia
Purpose(s): Granting wishes upon being summoned
A genie (or djinn) is a supernatural creature in Arabian folklore, made of fire and smoke.[1] They are traditionally depicted as being imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned.

The genies in I Dream of Jeannie possess almost unlimited powers, depending on the age and experience of the genie, but they have some limits. They are bound to do their master's will (unless verbally freed like Jeannie) most cannot undo the work of another genie and locking them in a bottle or other closed container contains their power almost completely. After a period of time in confinement, ownership of a genie will transfer to whomever next opens the container. Genies don't show up in photographs, so Jeannie's absence from photos and film makes some suspicious of her true identity.[2]

Genies historically don't have surnames, though when Jeannie marries Anthony Nelson, she uses the current custom of receiving a surname from her husband. None of the genies in Jeannie's family have given names either, Jeannie explains that they are "all Jeannies".


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