Happy Anniversary
Season Two, Episode 1
Number (#31) in series (139 episodes)
Happy Anniversary
On the yearanniversary of her being found by Tony, Jeannie causes Tony to crash again on that fateful island, as he finds a nasty surprise inside - the evil Blue Djinn that imprisoned Jeannie in her bottle in "Happy Anniversary" at the start of Season 2.
Air date September 12, 1966
Production code 2.01
Written by Sidney Sheldon
Directed by Claudio Guzman
Guest stars: Michael Ansara
Don Mitchell
Arthur Romans
Episode chronology
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"I'll Never Forget What's Her Name"
(Season 1 finale)
"Always on Sunday"

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Happy Anniversary is the first episode of the second season from I Dream of Jeannie and the thirty-first episode overall. Directed by Claudio Guzman, the episode, which was written by series creator Sidney Sheldon, first aired on NBC-TV on September 12, 1966.


One year after meeting Tony, Jeannie feels frustrated because she's no closer to tying the knot with her beloved Master. When she causes Tony's latest space mission to crash again on that fateful island, he finds another bottle with a nasty surprise inside - the evil Blue Djinn that imprisoned Jeannie in her bottle.


To celebrate their first anniversary together Jeannie interrupts his current space flight by bringing him back down on the same deserted island to reopen her bottle. What Tony finds is a different bottle and an angry Blue Jin who imprisoned Jeannie originally and has sworn to kill the man who opens his bottle.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast/Guest starring


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