Marry Huggins
Paul Lynde as Harry Huggiss
Mr. Huggins, played by Paul Lynde
Vital characteristics:
Gender Male
Family/Personal information:
Character information
Appeared on/in: I Dream of Jeannie
Number of episodes: "My Master, the Rich Tycoon" in Season 2
Portrayed by Paul Lynde

Harry Huggins is a snooty IRS agent who was enlisted to audit Tony when Jeannie blinked various works of fine art and a safe filled with cash and gold that led him to suspect that Tony is an art smuggler in "My Master, the Rich Tycoon". The part of Mr. Huggins is played by Paul Lynde, who also makes guest appearances as film director Allen Kerr, who was to direct Tony and Roger in a movie which was to be shot at the NASA Space Center in "Everybody's a Movie Star" in Season 3, and finally, as Commander Porter, a Navy officer enlisted by Dr. Bellows to whip the astronauts into shape by, which included taking them on a survival training mission in the Season 3 episode titled "Please, Don't Feed the Astronauts".

About Mr. Huggins

When Mr. Huggins, who has enlisted a Professor Preever, a known fine art expert, to distinguish the value of the works of art which Jeannie blinked for Tony, he then calls to see Dr. Bellows, who shows him a stack of reports on Tony's strange activities, but refuses to believe Tony is, in addition to being delinquent in paying his taxes, an international smuggler which Huggins suspects Tony of being., Anyhow, Jeannie is able to thwart Huggins's attempt to nab Tony for neither reason, as she changes the works of art, which included Michelangelo and Renoir paintings, and a Ming vase into imitations, (with the subject in the Mona Lisa painting sporting a mustache!) and the gold coins she had blinked into chocolate!

Harry Huggins and Prof. Preever inspect the Michaelangelo

Huggins and Professor Preever, a local art expert and appraiser, inspect an original Michelangelo, which Jeannie had blinked for Tony, and quickly turned into worthless art by adding a sixth finger to it!

Perhaps desperate to nab someone to score brownie points at his IRS office, or for not being able to nab Tony, Mr. Huggins then turns to Dr. Bellows, and asks him, about a recent trip he and his wife Amanda made to Jamaica, "Bellows, you did say it was strictly government business? Now, why don't you level with me for the rest of the afternoon?"

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