How Lucky Can You Get?
Season 1, Episode 22
Number (#22) in series (139 episodes)
IDOJ episode 1x22 - Tony's Lucky Streak at Craps
Thanks to Jeannie's "help," Tony, who really doesn't like gambling, hits a lucky streak at the craps table, which Roger pressed him to try out at a casino in Reno, until they almost get in trouble with the manager when he rolls two "7s".
Air date 19 February 1966
Production code 1.22
Written by Sidney Sheldon
Directed by Hal Cooper
Guest stars: Ted de Corsia
Tim Herbert
Buddy Lewis
Paul Hahn
Evelyn Dutton
Melinda O. Fee
Clifford Guest
Jeffrey Sayre
Arthur Tovey
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"Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper" "Watch the Birdie"

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How Lucky Can You Get? is the 22nd episode of First Season of I Dream of Jeannie, and the 22nd overall series episode. Written by series creator Sidney Sheldon, the episode, which was directed by Claudio Guzman, originally aired on NBC-TV on 19 February 1966.

Short Summary

Unbeknownst to Tony, greedy Roger brings Jeannie with them to Reno and gets in trouble at the gambling tables.


Tony and Roger decide to go to Reno. Roger's vision of becoming a multimillionaire with Jeannie's help disappears when Tony tells him Jeannie is not going with them. Roger smuggles Jeannie along in Tony's briefcase.

Arriving there, he asks Tony, unaware that Jeannie is with them, to bet fifty dollars for him. However, Jeannie escapes from the briefcase, and Roger loses the money. Time after time, Roger gets Tony to play for him. Unfortunately, each time he is unable to make contact with Jeannie, and Roger keeps losing.

Finally, hoping to make a killing, Roger tells Jeannie to make Tony roll 7s and 11s at the dice table. Agreeing to bet one dollar for Roger, Tony starts winning, arousing the suspicions of the Dealer and Pit Boss. When Tony tells Roger he is tired of 7 and 11, Jeannie blinks, and the dice then becomes two 7s!

Suspecting the two, Tony and Roger, of cheating, the casino manager, Mr. Phillips, detains him in the back securtiy office of the casino, then releases them.

Extricating himself from the security policemen, Tony tells Roger, he never wants to see Reno again. When Jeannie states she's much better at horse races, Tony replies its a wonderful idea. Jeannie blinks and Roger finds himself cast as a jockey at the racetrack!


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