Jeannie II
Jeannie II
Jeannie II, Jeannie's evil sister, played by Barbara Eden
Vital characteristics:
Species: Genie
Gender Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair color: Brown
Eyes Blue
Age: Over 2000 years old
Family/Personal information:
Spouse(s): 47 of them
Related to: Jeannie (Sister), Unnamed Brother, Abdullah (Nephew)
Character information
Appeared on/in:
Number of episodes:
First appeared in: "Jeannie or the Tiger?"
Last appeared in: I Still Dream of Jeannie (TV movie)
Portrayed by

"She is very powerful." -- Jeannie on her sister

Jeannie's sister, otherwise known as Jeannie II, is Jeannie's jealous twin sister. She is very wicked and is determined to have Anthony Nelson to herself, no matter what lengths she must go to. Although she is Jeannie's twin, she has dark hair and wears a green genie outfit instead of a pink one like Jeannie. Her master is the polar opposite of Major Nelson and instead confines her to her bottle rather than giving her free reign like Tony gives Jeannie, possibly because of her malicious behavior.


Jeannie's sister is first introduced in the third season. She shows up after Jeannie invites her as Jeannie has not seen her sister in a while and misses her. However, this proves to be a nearly fatal mistake for Jeannie when her sister traps her in her bottle and attempts to steal Major Nelson. Although Jeannie's sister has a different accent, Tony usually fails to notice that he is with the wrong genie, although he does notice that "Jeannie"'s behavior has changed.

Jeannie II has no regard for the lives of mortals but she adores their nightlife and spends her free time blinking from one jet-set location to another. She is incredibly vain and self assured, though like all genies she has a weakness- she is claustrophobic and terrified of being locked up. Unlike Jeannie, she is not free and is ultimately bound to follow the wishes of her master. Her masters treat her poorly, keeping her locked her up in her bottle when they aren't boring her with unimaginative, repetitive wishes. With way too much time on her hands to think up schemes she can almost always pull one over on her trusting little sister. They are twins but she refers to herself as the big sister, probably because she served as a genie for 2,000 years while Jeannie was locked away in a bottle.

Nothing is known about how she became a genie but according to Jeannie, she was the worst cook in the whole middle east when she was human. She has been married 47 times, not including her brief engagement to Roger Healy.