Major Jamison
Tony with MAJ and Nancy Jamison
Major Jamison (center) with wife Nancy, talking with Tony about the whereabouts of son Custer, who's wandered off after having seen Jeannie peform some of her magic, which included Tony levitating in mid-air
Vital characteristics:
Rank/Title (If any): Major Jamison, USAF (O-4)\
Gender Male
Hair color: Auburm
Family/Personal information:
Spouse(s): Nancy Jamison
Children: Custer Jamison
About: Neighbor to Tony who tries to get his son, who has seen Jeannie disappear and reappear and Tony levitate in mid air, to talk to Dr. Bellows about it
Discount his son's claims as part of his imagination
Character information
Appeared on/in: I Dream of Jeannie
Number of episodes: "Whatever Became of Baby Custer?" (Season 1)
Portrayed by Herb Voland

Major Edwin Jamison appears in the Season 1 episode of I Dream of Jeannie titled "Whatever Became of Baby Custer?". The part of Major Jamison is played by Herb Voland.

About the Major

Major Jamison and his wife Nancy (Grace Albertson) and their son, Custer (Bill Mumy), are neighbors to Tony that live down the street from him. Jamison works at NASA with Dr. Bellows and the astronauts.

When the Jamisons' son, Custer, who both admires and looks up to Tony as a role model, claims that he seen "beautiful blonde girl" appear and disappear while she was dancing with Tony, the Major, along with his wife [ dismisses it as their son having a vivid imagination, as he goes to Dr. Bellows to try to talk to the boy.