My Master, the Ghost Breaker
Season Three, Episode 21
Number (#82) in series (139 episodes)
Air date 20 February 1968
Production code 3.21
Written by Christopher Golato
Directed by Hal Cooper
Guest stars:
Episode chronology
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"Please Don't Feed the Astronauts" "Divorce, Genie Style"

List of I Dream of Jeannie episodes

My Master, the Ghost Breaker is the twenty-first episode of Season 3 of I Dream of Jeannie, and the 82nd overall episode of the series. The episode, which was written by Christopher Golato and directed by Hal Cooper, first aired on NBC-TV on 20 February 1968.


When Tony finds out he has inherited an English castle, he takes Jeannie and Roger along to check it out. An unscrupulous estate agent (Jack Carter), who also sold it to another person, tries to scare Tony out of the castle by making them think it is haunted.


Main Cast

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