My Master, the Magician
Season 1, Episode 29
Number (#29) in series (139 episodes)
My Master the Magician-1x29 - Tony tries out his Magic
Tony brushes up on his "magic act", without any help from Jeannie, for the NASA talent show he's forced by Dr. Bellows to perform his levitation act, which Jeannie had caused him to do, with no device attached before him the day before.
Air date 23 April 1965
Network NBC-TV
Country/Language USA / English
Production code 1.29
Written by Sidney Sheldon
Directed by Hal Cooper
Guest stars: Chet Stratton
Don Mitchell
William 'Billy' Benedict
Chester Hayes
George DeNormand
Alphonso DuBois
Bobby Gilbert
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"This Is Murder" "I'll Never Forget What's Her Name"
(Season 1 finale)

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My Master, the Magician is the 29th episode of Season 1 of I Dream of Jeannie, and the 29th overall episode of the series. Directed by Claudio Guzman and written by series creator Sidney Sheldon, the episode first aired on NBC-TV on 23 April 1966.


There's magic in the air when Dr. Bellows sees Tony napping on a chair that is floating above the floor. When pressed for an explanation, Tony says he's an amateur magician and is promptly asked to put on a magic show for NASA. After Tony performed a levitation trick with the magic help of Jeannie, Dr. Bellows, believing that his act is actually a phony one, insists that he perform that same trick at the NASA talent show, with the threat of taking him before General Petersen to explain the levitation trick, as well as all the other strange happenings surround Tony, with his military career in jeopardy. At the same time, in an effort to "catch" Tony, red-handed, and expose his trick as a fraud, and to prove to General Petersen that he's not imagining things, Bellows then enlists the opinion of an actual magician, Nestor the Great, who explains that the "levitation" trick is actually that, a trick, as a string connected to a mechanical device lifts the person performing the trick in the air. But, just when it seems that Tony, who had been stalling in actually perform, pulling a rabbit out of his top hat, as Roger insists that Jeannie helps Tony to get out of the bind, as he, then, with her help, suddenly starts to levitate, "no strings attached" -- as Nestor, astonished says "this is not possible!" as he also says "there's no magician in the world that can do what he's doing!" as he also, with Jeannie's magic, starts levitating, saving Tony's neck in the process, as General Peterson thinks that the levitation is something that any magician could also do!




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  • This was the final episode that was broadcast in black and white.