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This article is about the fictional version of NASA as seen in I Dream of Jeannie.

NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It was founded in 1958.

Programs (manned)


  • 18 September 1965 - The long-duration mission, Mercury MA-10, almost ended in tragedy when the capsule landed far off-course on a remote Pacific island. Astronaut Nelson was located and recovered safely.
  • 12 September 1966 - A classified Mercury mission amazingly again went off-course, landing on the same island in the Pacific as the MA-10 capsule a year earlier.


  • Late 1966 - Nelson made his first spacewalk from Gemini 13, the final flight in the Gemini series. Also aboard was Army Major Roger Healey.


  • October 1966 - In training for an early Apollo-Saturn I mission, Nelson dropped from the crew due to a temporary problem with his eyesight.
  • March 1968 - Nelson and Svetlana Swanson trained for a three-month lunar surface stay, but this mission was canceled due to budget cutbacks.
  • January 1969 Nelson helps replan the Apollo 12 mission.
  • 24 March 1969 - The Apollo AAP-1 lunar orbit mission extensively mapped the lunar surface, manned by Nelson, Healey, and Navy Commander Winfred Wingate.
  • January 1970 - Apollo AAP-2 landed on the moon, with Nelson piloting the lunar module to a precision landing. Nelson, Healey, and Wingate had to spend three weeks in quarantine after their return, due to concern about bringing undiscovered lunar germs back to Earth.

Space Shuttle

  • October 1985 - Nelson commanded the STS-51-M shuttle flight on a classified mission. The spacecraft encountered a meteor shower.
  • October 1991 - Nelson commanded the STS-46-B shuttle flight on a Spacelab mission.

Programs (unmanned)


  • 1968 - Nelson is involved with support and flight tests.