Professor Preever
Harry Huggins and Prof. Preever
Harry Huggins (Paul Lynde) and Prof. Preever, played by Maurice Dallimore
Vital characteristics:
Gender Male
Family/Personal information:
About: Becomes upset with IRS agent Harry Huggins, who was to audit Tony, for enlisting him to appraise several pieces of fine art which Jeannie blinked into existence, and the then quickly altered, making them appear worthless
Character information
Appeared on/in: I Dream of Jeannie
Number of episodes: "My Master, the Rich Tycoon" in uncredited appearance
Portrayed by Maurice Dallimore

Professor Preever, an art appraiser and expert critic, appears in the Season 3 episode of I Dream of Jeannie titled "My Master, the Rich Tycoon". The part of the professor, an uncredited role, is played by Maurice Dallimore.

About Mr. Preever

When Harry Huggins, an IRS agent who was to audit Tony, enlists Professer Preever, a known fine art expert, to distinguish the value of the works of art which Jeannie blinked for Tony, he then calls to see Dr. Bellows, who shows him a stack of reports on Tony's strange activities, but refuses to believe Tony is, in addition to being deliquent in paying his taxes, an international smuggler which Huggings suspects Tony of being. When Jeannie is able to thwart Huggins's attempt to nab Tony for neither reason by changing the works of art, which included Michaelangelo and Renoir paintings, and a Ming vase into imitations, (with the subject in the Mona Lisa painting sporting a mustache!) and the gold coins she had blinked into chocolate!

When Preever inspects the Michaelangelo sculpture and sees a sixth finger, which Jeannie blinked on it, he becomes upset with Huggins, as he tells him, "This some sort of practical joke? You bring me all the way here and show me a collection of junk? I don't understand!!"