Peter Breck as Sham-Ir
Sahm-Ir, played by Peter Breck
Vital characteristics:
Job/Career: New chief genie, replacing Haji
Gender Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair color: Brown/Greying
Eyes Green
Age: 5000-6000 years old, estimated
Family/Personal information:
About: Gives Jeannie 2 weeks to find a temporary master, for her to avoid being sent away to ancient Mesopotamia forever, as required in the "Genie Manual"
Admonishes Jeannie II for meddling in her sister's life, threatening to turn her into a scorpion, and that she could also lose her powers and show her true age
Character information
Appeared on/in: I Still Dream of Jeannie (TV movie)
Number of episodes:
Portrayed by Peter Breck

Sahm-Ir, the new chief of all genies, who replaced Haji in that particular title, appears in the 1991 NBC-TV movie I Still Dream of Jeannie. The part of Sahm-Ir is played in the film by veteran TV/film actor Peter Breck.

About Sahm-Ir

In the film, Jeannnie's jealous and mischievous twin sister Jeannie II reminds Sham-Ir (the chief genie) that Jeannie cannot remain in the plane of reality for more than three months without an earthly master, and Tony has been away for close to 3 months.

Although Jeannie desperately tries to cajole Sham-Ir for more time, he only gives Jeannie two weeks to either find her husband or a new master (a single male only) or else she must return to Mesopotamia forever. So Jeannie begins her desperate search for a temporary master which leads her to a singles bar and other misadventures.

However, in his giving Jeannie the 2 weeks to find a temporary master, he also warns Jeannie II about meddling in her sister's private life, reminding her of a bedouin who once stole his camel, which he turned into a scorppion, and that if a Jeannie who has never had a master such as she "runs into certain complications in the plane of reality" for more that 24 hours can begin to lose their powers, and begin to show their "true age", and that "very few genies look good past the age of 1500!", this if Jeannie II had any thoughts of visiting her sister, as she plans to go to singles bars looking for a prospective master!