Jeannie Season 1 DVD cover

I Dream of Jeannie Season 1 DVD Cover.

Season 1 summary

The first season of I Dream of Jeannie consisted of 30 episodes. Premiering on NBC-TV on 18 September 1965 with the airing of the series pilot, "The Lady In The Bottle", the season ending episode, "I'll Never Forget What's Her Name", aired on 7 May 1966. All of the first season episodes were filmed in black and white, as Screen Gems, which produced the series, was reluctant to shoot them in color, believing that the show would not be renewed for a second season by NBC-TV, who did not want to pay for the extra expenses, as the network agreed with Screen Gems about the show's chances of being successful. The show debuted at 8 p.m., Saturday, 18 September 1965, on NBC. A total of 139 episodes were produced, with the series' final episode, "My Master, the Chili King", airing on 26 May 1970.

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Season 1 (1965-66)

Image Episode # Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
I dream of jeanne eden hagman       1 The Lady in the Bottle Gene Nelson Sidney Sheldon 18 September 1965 1 1.01
Astronaut Tony Nelson orbiting in Stardust One crash lands on a remote island in the South Pacific. On the beach, he finds a bottle and gets a surprise when he opens it! A beautiful genie appears who is instantly attracted to him, helps him get rescued and then follows him back to Florida.
IDOF Episode 1x2 - My Hero.png       2 My Hero? Gene Nelson Sidney Sheldon 25 September 1965 2 1.02
There's peril in Persia when Jeannie whisks Captain Nelson to that ancient civilization in order to avenge her honor against Ali, the Killer of Giants (Richard Kiel). When Jeannie visits her parents, she announces to them that her greatest wish is to marry her Master - if he survives Ali first!
IDOF Episode 1x3 - Guess What Happened on the Way To The Moon       3 Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon? Alan Rafkin Tom Waldman & Frank Waldman 25 September 1965 3 1.03
Desert survival becomes luxurious when Jeannie follows Tony on a mission and outfits him with food, shelter, and transportation. But Roger begins to question Tony's good fortune when he continues to suffer in the sweltering heat.
Jeannie and The Marriage Caper       4 Jeannie and the Marriage Caper Gene Nelson Sidney Sheldon 9 October 1965 4 1.04
Marriage looms on the horizon when Tony's fiancée, Melissa, urges him to accept a position overseas and move up their wedding date. But with a jealous genie at home, will Tony and Melissa ever hear wedding bells?
G.I. Jeannie as Tony's secretay       5 G.I. Jeannie Alan Rafkin William Davenport 16 October 1965 5 1.05
Jeannie joins the Air Force with the hopes of working closer to her Master. But with all the rules and regulations, is there room for a little military magic?
P.J. Ferguson offers Tony a job 6 The Yacht Murder Case Gene Nelson David Braverman, Bob Marcus 23 October 1965 6 1.06
There's trouble on the high seas when Jeannie follows Tony on a yacht for a very important meeting with an aerospace executive (and his beautiful daughter). When he orders her to go home and she does so in the blink of an eye, the other guests think her sudden disappearance is a sure sign of murder.
IDOJ episode - anybody Here Seen Jeannie      7 Anybody Here Seen Jeannie? Gene Nelson Arnold Horwitt 30 October 1965 7 1.07
Tony is scheduled to take a historic walk into outer space, but Dr. Bellows wants him to take a few medical tests first. Jeannie envisions her beloved Master floating helpless in space and decides to sabotage the tests from her hiding space in Tony's jacket.
I Dream Of Jeannie episode 1x08 - The Americanization of Jeannie       8 The Americanization of Jeannie Gene Nelson Arnold Horwitt 6 November 1965 8 1.08
Jeannie becomes enthralled by a magazine article that explains how to be the perfect American woman. She hopes to impress her Master with her self reliance, but her domestic touches soon prove to be disasters.
IDOJ episode 1x9 - The Moving Finger       9 The Moving Finger Gene Nelson Sidney Sheldon, Harry Essex & Jerry Seelen 13 November 1965 9 1.09
Jeannie has stars in her eyes when Tony goes out to dinner with a famous screen actress in Hollywood. She decides to become a movie star to compete with her "rival", but soon realizes that genies don't show up on camera.
I Dream Of Jeannie episode 1x10 - Djinn and Water - Jeannie's Great Grandpa      10 Djinn & Water Gene Nelson Sidney Sheldon & Mary C. McCall, Jr. 20 November 1965 10 1.10
Family comes to call when Jeannie summons one of her great grandfathers, Bilejik, to help Tony with an experiment to turn sea water into fresh water. Bilejik says he will share the secret, but only if his unusual request is met.
I Dream Of Jeannie episode 1x11 - Whatever Became of Baby Custer      11 Whatever Became of Baby Custer? Gene Nelson Sidney Sheldon, Austin & Irma Kalish 27 November 1965 11 1.11
Family comes to call when Jeannie summons one of her great grandfathers, Bilejik, to help Tony with an experiment to turn sea water into fresh water. Bilejik says he will share the secret, but only if his unusual request is met.
I Dream Of Jeannie episode 1x12 - Where'd Yo Go Go - Tony with date Diane      12 Where'd You Go-Go?  E.W. Swackhamer Bob Fisher, Arthur Alsberg 4 December 1965 12 1.12
There's romance in the air when one of Tony's ex-girlfriends, Diane, asks if they can start seeing each other again. Jeannie feels betrayed until Tony's best friend, Roger Healey, asks her out on a date. Now jealousy is spreading fast as Tony uses his date with Diane to make sure Jeannie doesn't get into any trouble with Roger.
I Dream Of Jeannie episode 1x13 - Russian Roulette - Tony with Sonya      13 Russian Roulette E.W. Swackhamer Bob Fisher, Arthur Alsberg 11 December 1965 13 1.13
When Tony and Roger are entertaining two Russian cosmonauts, Roger inadvertently gives the female, Major Sonya Timokin, Russian Jeannie's bottle with Jeannie in it.
Jeannie's House      14 What House Across the Street? Theodore J. Flicker Bob Fisher, Arthur Alsberg 18 December 1965 14 1.14
Jeannie invites Roger Healey to visit her home that she blinks one onto a nearby vacant lot and creates parents based upon characters she sees on TV.
IDOJ episode 1x15 - Too Many Tonys      15 Too Many Tonys E.W. Swackhamer Arthur Horwitt 25 December 1965 15 1.15
Jeannie creates a second Tony that adores her the way she wishes her master would.
IDOJ episode 1x16 - Get Me To Mecca on Time      16 Get Me to Mecca on Time E.W. Swackhamer James Allardice, Tom Adair 8 January 1966 16 1.16
On the day of Ramdah masters must journey to Mecca to recite the ancient words or their genie will lose her powers and disappear.
IDOJ episode 1x17 - The Richest Astrounaut in the Whole Wide World      17 The Richest Astronaut in the Whole Wide World E.W. Swackhamer William Davenport (story)
Sidney Sheldon (teleplay)
15 January 1966 17 1.17
The cat's out of the bag—and the genie's out of the bottle—when Roger inadvertently summons Jeannie and becomes her new Master. Overwhelmed with the power at his disposal, he takes advantage of her magical abilities.
IDOJ episode 1x18 - Is There an Extra Genie in the House      18 Is There an Extra Genie in the House? Hal Cooper Charles Tannen 22 January 1966 18 1.18
Roger's whims as a new "Master" are making Tony angry and Jeannie exhausted. But he finds himself in serious trouble when he keeps Dr. Bellows' niece out too late on a date. Further complicating matters, he believes the couple subletting his apartment are genies! Herbie Faye (uncredited) appears as "Mr. Billings", Bernard Fox as Arnie, and Emmaline Henry as Myrt.
IDOJ episode - Never Try to Outsmart a Genie 1280x720      19 Never Try to Outsmart a Genie Herb Wallerstein Sidney Sheldon & Martin A. Ragaway 29 January 1966 19 1.19
Jeannie catches a bad case of Roman fever and schemes to accompany Tony on a three-week cruise to Italy. He finally agrees, but only if she can manage to obtain a legal passport without the use of her magic.
IDOJ episode - My Master The Doctor 1280x720      20 My Master, the Doctor Hal Cooper Sidney Sheldon 5 February 1966 20 1.20
Jeannie is guilty of malpractice when she makes Tony's dream of becoming a doctor come true, and he finds himself facing charges of medical impersonation....and possibly operating on Roger! Includes a cameo appearance of Maureen McCormick as a young patient.
IDOJ episode 1x21 - Tony with Chinese spys Princess and Hong      21 Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper Hal Cooper Sidney Sheldon 12 February 1966 21 1.21
Feeling that Jeannie's magic is helping him around the house too much, Tony makes her promise not to use her powers to help him under any circumstances. His timing couldn't be worse, as he is immediately taken captive by killer Chinese spies who'll stop at nothing to get what they want.
IDOJ episode 1x22 - Tony's Lucky Streak at Craps      22 How Lucky Can You Get? Claudio Guzman Sidney Sheldon 19 February 1966 22 1.22
Celebrating their recent promotions, Tony and Roger spend time in Reno, Nevada. Thinking that Jeannie will be his Lady Luck, Roger smuggles her along on the trip, despite the fact that Tony has already nixed the idea of her joining them.
IDOJ episode 1z9 - 1280x720 Watch the Birdie - Golf pro Tony      23 Watch the Birdie Hal Cooper Sidney Sheldon 26 February 1966 23 1.23
Jeannie assists with her Master's golf swing, and General Peterson is so impressed that he makes Tony his partner at an important championship game. Tony's determined to rise to the occasion without help, but soon realizes that Jeannie may be his hole-in-one. Jerry Barber appears as himself.
IDOJ episode 1x24 - The Permanent House Guest - Tony's Pachyderm     24 The Permanent House Guest Hal Cooper Sidney Sheldon 5 March 1966 24 1.24
Dr. Bellows is sure he saw an elephant in Tony's bedroom, but all is normal when he returns with General Peterson. Determined to prove the existence of magic in Tony's house as well as his own sanity, Dr. Bellows makes himself Tony's new roommate.
NoImageAvailable     25 Bigger than a Bread Box and Better than a Genie Claudio Guzman Sidney Sheldon 12 March 1966 25 1.25
Tony is less than impressed by the new woman in Roger's life, Madame Zolta, a clairvoyant fortune teller. Planning to reveal her for the fraud she is, Tony arranges a neighborhood seance. Col. Chuck Yeager guest stars, as well as Jorja Curtright (a.k.a. Mrs. Sidney Sheldon) and Natalie Leeb, Sidney's mother.
NoImageAvailable      26 My Master, the Great Rembrandt Claudio Guzman Sidney Sheldon 19 March 1966 26 1.26
Jeannie helps Tony copy a Rembrandt so well he's accused of forgery. The picture's not pretty when Jeannie transforms Tony's donated copy of a Rembrandt painting into the original, highly valuable self-portrait. When the NASA charity, and Dr. Bellows, calls for assistance from an art expert, Tony has only 24 hours to create an explanation.
NoImageAvailable        27 My Master, the Thief Claudio Guzman Robert Kaufman (story)
Sidney Sheldon (story and teleplay)
2 April 1966 27 1.27
While visiting a museum, Jeannie spies a pair of slippers that were stolen from her 2,000 years ago. With the blink of an eye, the shoe's on the other foot as she steals them back, leaving Tony to explain "his" footwear fetish when Dr. Bellows is certain he's involved.
IDOJ Episode 1x28 - This is Murder - Tony and Jeannie meet Princess Tarji      28 This Is Murder Hal Cooper Sidney Sheldon 9 April 1966 28 1.28
Tony is asked to escort a visiting princess (Gila Golan) for three days, but the assignment turns into a royal pain when Jeannie sees a picture of the woman and realized that their families are long-time enemies—and that she is obliged by oath to kill her.
My Master the Magician-1x29 - Tony tries out his Magic      29 My Master, the Magician Hal Cooper Sidney Sheldon 23 April 1966 29 1.29
There's magic in the air when Dr. Bellows sees Tony napping on a chair that is floating off of the floor. When pressed for an explanation, Tony says he's an amateur magician and is promptly asked to put on a magic show for NASA.
I'll-Never-Forget-What's Her Name-1x30      30 I'll Never Forget What's Her Name Hal Cooper Sidney Sheldon 7 May 1966 30 1.30
Tony is struck by a vase and suffers from amnesia as a result. He instantly falls in love with the first woman he sees, Jeannie.

  • Note: This episode was originally meant to be the series finale, because NBC (and Screen Gems) thought the series would not make it into a second season; due to the series' success, NBC renewed the show.