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I Dream of Jeannie Season 3 DVD Cover.

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The Third Season of I Dream of Jeannie consists of 26 episodes.

Season 3 (1967-68)

Image Episode # Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
IDOJ episode 3x1 - Fly Me To The Moon 1 Fly Me to the Moon Hal Cooper Robert Marcus 12 September 1967 62 3.01
Tony and Roger are training a chimpanzee named Sam to be on the first flight to the moon. Jeannie turns him into a human (Larry Storch). When she tries to turn him back, she accidentally turns Tony into a chimp. Tony almost ends up going to the moon, but Jeannie saves the day.
Jeannie or the Tiger
2 Jeannie or the Tiger? Hal Cooper James Henerson 19 September 1967 63 3.02
Jeannie gets homesick and decides to have her sister visit. After seeing a picture of Tony, the devious and cunning sister traps Jeannie in her bottle and tries to make Tony her master.
3 The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World Claudio Guzman Allan Devon 26 September 1967 64 3.03
While Jeannie and Tony are in Hawaii, a con man (Milton Berle) tries to get Jeannie's scarab pin, given to her by Tutankhamun, in exchange for diamonds supposedly found on a beach near Diamond Head. Alternate director Hal Cooper appears as "Eddie".
4 My Turned-On Master Hal Cooper Dennis Whitcomb 3 October 1967 65 3.04
To keep her word she will not cause problems at a press banquet, Jeannie promises she can live without magic for 24 hours and proves it by transferring her powers to somebody. Only after several unusual occurrences does Tony realize they were transferred to him. He then accidentally transfers them to Dr. Bellows.
5 My Master, the Weakling Claudio Guzman Ron Freedman 10 October 1967 66 3.05
Don Rickles plays a physical fitness fanatic that Jeannie mellows by giving him the personality of his aunt.
6 Jeannie, the Hip Hippie Hal Cooper Christopher Golato 17 October 1967 67 3.06
Dr. Bellows cancels Tony's camping vacation when his wife cannot find a band to play at a function. Jeannie picks four guys (Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart along with William Lewis and Steve O'Reilly) and uses her magic to make them play. Phil Spector, who is credited in this episode as "Steve Davis", guest stars as himself. Boyce and Hart also perform "Out and About", which reached number 39 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1967.
7 Everybody's a Movie Star Claudio Guzman Mark Rowane 31 October 1967 68 3.07
A director (Paul Lynde) decides to make a documentary on Tony and Roger. Roger gets a big swelled head when he overhears the director saying he is a natural-born actor. Problem is, the director was talking about Tony.
8 Who Are You Calling a Genie? Hal Cooper Marty Roth 7 November 1967 69 3.08
After being accidentally bumped on the head, Jeannie gets amnesia and cannot remember who she is, or even that she is a genie and mistakenly turns Dr. Bellows into a mouse that is going to be sent into space.
9 Meet My Master's Mother Claudio Guzman Marlene Fanta Shyer 14 November 1967 70 3.09
Tony's eccentric mother (Spring Byington) comes to visit and declares her intention to stay. Jeannie tries all kinds of tricks to get rid of her.
10 Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale Hal Cooper Paul West 21 November 1967 71 3.10
Jeannie gets jealous when Dr. Bellows orders Tony to escort a famous actress named Bootsie Nightingale (Carol Wayne) to a benefit reception. It gets worse when Bootsie announces she and Tony are engaged.
11 Tony's Wife Claudio Guzman Christopher Golato 28 November 1967 72 3.11
Jeannie's sister, Jeannie II, tries to steal Tony by making Jeannie think she is a jinx to Tony and that she must leave him for 15 years. Before she does, Jeannie fixes Tony up with an attractive young lady, and her devilish sister stops at nothing to sabotage their outings together.
12 Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery Larry Hagman Seaman Jacobs, Fred Fox & James Henerson 5 December 1967 73 3.12
When Tony tries to get Jeannie out of his way by telling her to go help someone, she ends up helping some bank robbers in a heist.
13 My Son, the Genie Claudio Guzman Bill Richmond 12 December 1967 74 3.13
On the same day Jeannie is ordered to help train an inept young genie (Bob Denver), Tony finds out that U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson will be coming for dinner.
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14 Jeannie Goes to Honolulu Claudio Guzman Mark Rowane 26 December 1967 75 3.14
Tony lies to Jeannie about going to the North Pole for survival training, but instead goes to Hawaii. When Jeannie finds out, Tony comes up with a story that he is protecting a princess from some bad guys. Don Ho guest stars as himself. NOTE: laugh track missing from latter two-thirds of episode.
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15 The Battle of Waikiki Hal Cooper Marty Roth 2 January 1968 76 3.15
After Tony says he would like to talk to King Kamehameha (Michael Ansara), Jeannie blinks him into the present. Disappointed at what he sees, Kamehameha tries to raise an army to retake Hawaii.
16 Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie (Part I) Claudio Guzman James Henerson 16 January 1968 77 3.16
While hiding in a safe destined for the moon, Jeannie ends up locked inside when Tony accidentally closes the door. Tony and Roger hire a safecracker (Edward Andrews) and his helper (Lou Antonio) to get her out. Unfortunately, it appears the safe ends up on the rocket and on its way to the moon.
17 Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie (Part II) Claudio Guzman James Henerson 23 January 1968 78 3.17
It turns out Roger switched boxes and the safe didn't go to the moon. The safecracker and his helper steal the safe, but when they find out it will explode if they get the combination wrong, they end up paying a pawnbroker (Reta Shaw) to get rid of it, who then sends it to a junkyard to be scrapped. Tony thinks all is over after thinking the safe has been crushed, but it fell off the conveyor belt and was unharmed. After getting it back, Tony and Roger try to get the safe's creator (Ned Wertimer) to open it, but he says only the President of the United States knows the combination.
18 Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie (Part III) Hal Cooper James Hanerson 30 January 1968 79 3.18
When Jeannie's sister finds out Jeannie is locked in the safe, she arranges to have assignments between Tony and another astronaut (Mike Farrell) swapped, sending Tony to the Middle East. When he goes to Baghdad searching for the head genie, she captures Tony and puts him in a birdcage. When Roger tries to rescue Tony, he is also imprisoned in the birdcage. She is found out by her own master, Habib (Ted Cassidy), who forces her to let them go. Meanwhile, the safe is picked up and put on another rocket.
19 Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie (Part IV) Hal Cooper James Henerson 6 February 1968 80 3.19
When Tony finds out NASA is getting an expert (Benny Rubin) to open the safe, he disguises it as an ice cream cart and takes it home. Roger tries to delay the expert so Tony can open the safe, but he still makes it to NASA. They find out the safe will explode in a few hours, so Tony takes him to the safe to open it. They successfully defuse the bomb, but then scare the expert into thinking the timer started up again to make him leave. Jeannie was knocked unconscious and cannot escape through the drilled holes, so Tony finishes the combination and opens the safe, freeing Jeannie.
20 Please Don't Feed the Astronauts Hal Cooper Ron Friedman 13 February 1968 81 3.20
Tony and Roger are tested to exhaustion by a nutrition expert (Paul Lynde). To help them, Jeannie creates a Friendly Native Village, run by her cousin (Ted Cassidy).
21 My Master, the Ghost Breaker Hal Cooper Christopher Golato 20 February 1968 82 3.21
When Tony finds out he has inherited an English castle, he takes Jeannie and Roger along to check it out. An unscrupulous estate agent (Jack Carter), who also sold it to another person, tries to scare Tony out of the castle by making them think it is haunted.
22 Divorce, Genie Style Hal Cooper James Henerson 27 February 1968 83 3.22
To try and prove to Tony that she can do things without magic, she has Haji take away her powers for a week. Unfortunately, Mrs. Bellows sees her, thinks Jeannie and Tony are secretly married and is appalled that she is running around in a harem costume and calling him master. Mrs. Bellows is determined to get her a divorce.
NoImageAvailable 23 My Double-Crossing Master Hal Cooper Mark Rowane 5 March 1968 84 3.23
To find out if Jeannie would fall in love with another man, Tony pretends to be a British doctor.
NoImageAvailable 24 Have You Ever Had a Genie Hate You? Claudio Guzman Mark Rowane 12 March 1968 85 3.24
Jeannie's sister gives her a potion to change her allegiance to Roger, causing her to be very mean and hateful towards Tony.
NoImageAvailable 25 Operation: First Couple on the Moon Claudio Guzman Arthur Julian 19 March 1968 86 3.25
A twist on NASA's first couple-on-the-moon project: Jeannie's sister horns in.
NoImageAvailable 26 Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before? Claudio Guzman Marty Roth 26 March 1968 87 3.26
Jeannie gives Roger one wish for his birthday. Roger accidentally wishes he could swap places with Tony in order to go on a flight. The two switch bodies and have to work hard to stop Dr Bellows and General Peterson from finding out the truth until Roger reluctantly takes back his wish.