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I Dream of Jeannie Season 4 DVD Cover.

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The Fourth Season of I Dream of Jeannie consists of 26 episodes.

Season 4 (1968-69)

Image Episode # Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
NoImageAvailable 1 U.F.Oh Jeannie Hal Cooper Marty Roth 16 September 1968 88 4.01
Tony and Roger are testing an experimental aircraft that resembles a flying saucer. When Jeannie pops in, her weight causes the aircraft to land far off course. A family of hillbillies (played by J. Pat O'Malley and Kathleen Freeman) mistake them for Martians and try to turn them into NASA for a reward.
2 Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks Hal Cooper Marty Roth 23 September 1968 89 4.02
Jeannie's mother gives Jeannie some candies named 'pipchicks'. When Tony eats one, he gains terrific strength. When Dr. Bellows finds out, he tries to get Tony to give the recipe to a dietician (played by Reta Shaw) Jeannie asks her mother for the recipe, but when Tony tries to make it, it results in people losing their inhibitions instead!
3 Tomorrow Is Not Another Day Hal Cooper Bruce Howard 7 October 1968 90 4.03
When the newspaper doesn't arrive, Jeannie blinks one in, but gets the wrong date from Roger. It's tomorrow's paper! The headline says an astronaut has broken his leg, but doesn't say who. Roger, who has taken the sports section, decides to bet on horses with the information. Meanwhile, it's neither Tony nor Roger's leg that is broken, but another astronaut's. (Roger's masseur is played by Rosey Grier.)
4 Abdullah Hal Cooper Marty Roth 14 October 1968 91 4.04
Jeannie agrees to babysit her baby nephew, Abdullah (played by Barbara Eden's real life son Matthew Ansara), while his parents are taking a late honeymoon. She also agrees to take their place for their master, and leaves Tony and Roger to take care of Abdullah. Tony tries to get out of work by calling in sick, but Dr. Bellows insists he come in for a checkup. (Jack Riley plays an expectant father.)
IDOJ episode 4x5 - The Used Car Salesman
5   Have You Heard the One About the Used Car Salesman? Hal Cooper James Henerson 4 November 1968 92 4.05
After Jeannie crashes Tony's car, it's brought to a used car dealer to be repaired. The dealer (played by Carl Ballantine) tries to cheat Jeannie by buying the damaged car from her, then making her buy it back at several times the price.
6 Djinn Djinn, Go Home Hal Cooper James Henerson 11 November 1968 93 4.06
Jeannie's dog comes home to his mistress, despite Tony's objections. Among Djinn-Djinn's favorite tricks are turning invisible at inopportune times, and launching invisible attacks on anyone wearing a military uniform!
7 The Strongest Man in the World Claudio Guzman Ray Singer 18 November 1968 94 4.07
When Jeannie users her magic to help Tony punch out some punks, he ends up being entered in a boxing match with a Marine. Boxer Jerry Quarry plays himself as Tony's trainer. "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom also makes a brief appearance.
8 The Indispensable Jeannie Claudio Guzman James Henerson 25 November 1968 95 4.08
Dr. Bellows observes Tony and Roger's close quarters compatibility test without the help of Jeannie who puts the house on automatic granting any and all wishes.
9 Jeannie and the Top Secret Secret Hal Cooper Searle Kramer 2 December 1968 96 4.09
Major Nelson is called to deliver a top secret NASA film to the Pentagon. Jeannie overhears and thinks he is meeting a young woman.
10 How to Marry an Astronaut Hal Cooper James Henerson 9 December 1968 97 4.10
Jeannie's sister provides Jeannie lessons in the art of catching a husband. Her quarry: Roger!
11 Dr. Bellows Goes Sane Richard Kinon James Henerson 16 December 1968 98 4.11
Jeannie's shenanigans have the base thinking Dr. Bellows is insane, forcing General Peterson to replace him with an unorthodox psychiatrist (played by Joe Flynn), who intends to use truth serum and "hypnodiscs" on Tony to reveal his psyche and his secrets.
12 Jeannie, My Guru Claudio Guzman James Henerson 30 December 1968 99 4.12
Tony's new superior officer, General Schaeffer, despises hippies, especially a shaggy specimen named Harold who has been hanging around Schaeffer's daughter Suzie. Meanwhile, Suzie, having decked herself out in hippie garb, ducks into Tony's house to avoid her father's wrath. Stumbling upon evidence of Jeannie's magic, Suzie blackmails Tony into helping both her and Harold.
13 The Case of My Vanishing Master - Part I Hal Cooper James Henerson 6 January 1968 100 4.13
NASA, suspecting a leak, sends Tony to a secret location to finish design work on a spacecraft, while a lookalike substitute for Tony at the base and at home where he discovers Jeannie.
14 The Case of My Vanishing Master - Part II Hal Cooper James Henerson 13 January 1969 101 4.14
The substitute Tony blabs about Jeannie to Doctor Bellows who either finally has his answers about Major Nelson or thinks that the imposter is crazy.
15 Ride 'Em Astronaut Claudio Guzman James Henerson 27 January 1969 102 4.15
Jeannie is roped into being a rodeo queen. 

  • Note: The ending is reused from season 3 episode "Tony's Wife."
16 Invisible House for Sale Hal Cooper James Henerson 3 February 1969 103 4.16
Following Roger's suggestion, Jeannie decides to sell the house so that Tony will have more time with her. But when Tony finds out and tells her that he does not want anyone else seeing the house, she makes it invisible.
17 Jeannie, the Governor's Wife Hal Cooper Christopher Golato 10 February 1969 104 4.17
Jeannie wants Tony to run for governor, with Roger's enthusiastic approval.
18 Is There a Doctor in the House? Oscar Rudolph Christopher Golato 17 February 1969 106 4.18
Major Nelson keeps falling asleep when someone whistles. Jeannie finds out her mother is responsible and gets her to reverse the spell but not before she accidentally gives Dr. Bellows the same illness and then falls in love with him.
19 The Biggest Star in Hollywood Claudio Guzman James Henerson 24 February 1969 106 4.19
Tony and Dr. Bellows are going on a secret trip to Hollywood. While clothes shopping with Tony, Jeannie is spotted by Gary Owens and George Schlatter of Laugh-In. Seeing her trick of appearing inside a mirror, they want her on the show. Roger finds out and acts like her manager. In Hollywood, she ends up in the same hotel as Tony, who tries to stop her from appearing. Judy Carne and Arte Johnson guest star as themselves. Sid Melton guest stars as a photographer.
20 The Case of the Porcelain Puppy Claudio Guzman James Henerson 3 March 1969 107 4.20
Jeannie accidentally turns her dog Djinn-Djinn into porcelain, and art collector Mrs. Bellows wants it. This episode was Barton MacLane's final appearance as "General Peterson".
21 Jeannie for the Defense Hal Cooper Bruce Howard 10 March 1969 108 4.21
While traveling through a small town, Tony and Roger bump another car. The occupants fake injuries and sue them. Dick Sargent plays Tony and Roger's lawyer, and J. Pat O'Malley plays the judge. Bruce Howard who wrote the episode plays Tony's cellmate.
22 Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut Claudio Guzman Christopher Golato 17 March 1969 109 4.22
Jeannie's interfering sister tries to split up Jeannie and Tony by first convincing Dr. Bellows Tony is mentally unfit to go into orbit, and then by changing his weight.
23 Around the Moon in 80 Blinks Claudio Guzman James Henerson 24 March 1969 110 4.23
Jeannie has a cold and passes it on to Tony by kissing him. Jeannie accidentally blinks down Commander Wingate (played by Richard Mulligan) from their capsule orbiting the moon instead of Tony. She tries again and gets Tony. Roger is left to orbit the moon alone until Jeannie comes to his aid, though she proves to be more of a hindrance than a help. Tony has a job pacifying Wingate and keeping Mrs. Bellows from trying to convince her husband that he is not in space.
24 Jeannie-Go-Round Claudio Guzman James Henerson 7 April 1969 111 4.24
Locking Jeannie in her bottle, her wicked lookalike sister Jeannie II trails Tony to the Cocoa Beach Cabana. In her efforts to win Tony's affections, Jeannie II also replaces the nightclub's regular singer and renders a seductive ballad ("Electric Days, Electric Nights"). Alas, from this point forward everything goes wrong, with Tony being publicly embarrassed and Dr. Bellows virtually being hand-delivered enough evidence to wash Tony out of the space program!
25 Jeannie and the Secret Weapon Leo Garen Larry Markes 14 April 1969 112 4.25
Jeannie turns a top secret project into a scale model, and this model ends up getting into the hands of an amateur toy inventor.
NoImageAvailable 26 Blackmail Order Bride Claudio Guzman James Henerson 12 May 1969 113 4.26
After Tony refuses to give information on his private life at a press conference, an unscrupulous reporter disguises himself as a plumber to try to get information (and earn himself a Pulitzer Prize), but when he fails, he sends Tony a fake wife and kids!