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Season 5 is the Final Season of I Dream of Jeannie. It consists of 26 episodes.The series was cancelled during the break between this season and when filming of season 6 would have started.

Season 5 (1969-70)

Image Episode # Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
NoImageAvailable 1 Jeannie at the Piano  Hal Cooper James Henerson 16 September 1969 114 5.01
Jeannie casts a spell on the piano in the Cocoa Beach officer's club, making Tony appear to be a musical virtuoso when he sits down to play. Amazed by Tony's talent, General Schaeffer books the astronaut on a nationwide concert tour. Trouble is, it's the piano and not Tony that is issuing forth the beautiful music. When Tony shows up to play at Symphony Hall in New York, an entirely different piano is awaiting him, and Jeannie is nowhere to be found to bail him out!
2 Djinn Djinn, the Pied Piper Claudio Guzman James Henerson 23 September 1969 115 5.02
General Schaeffer prevails upon Tony to take Jupiter, Schaeffer's pet Great Dane, for a training walk. Tagging along is Jeannie's magical mutt Djinn-Djinn, who takes an instant dislike to Jupiter. Rendering himself invisible, Djinn-Djinn wreaks all manner of havoc, for which Jupiter is blame and sent to the dog pound, and is setting the stage for a massive canine jailbreak commandeered by the ubiquitous Djinn Djinn.
3 Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? Part 1 Hal Cooper James Henerson 30 September 1969 116 5.03
When her uncle decides to retire as leader of the small nation of Basenji, Jeannie decides to marry her master and give him the country as an anniversary present. Unfortunately Tony has been assigned to collect an ingot of Phinkilium from an enemy of Jeannie's uncle for NASA and he, angry at her uncle, makes the mistake of saying he would never marry Jeannie if she were the last genie on earth, causing Jeannie to leave him.
4 Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? Part 2 Hal Cooper James Henerson 7 October 1969 117 5.04
Roger and Tony serve three weeks in the Arctic as punishment. When Tony learns Jeannie is to be married just as he and Roger are about to be retrieved he goes straight to Basenji. As he risks his life for love of Jeannie, Jeannie refuses to be queen and leaves. Jeannie and Tony go to NASA where he introduces Jeannie as his fiancée. Even though stunned from the announcement, Jeannie blinks Roger back as he is about to be executed and as Tony and Roger get a day off as celebration, all three go home.
5 Jeannie's Beauty Cream Hal Cooper Joanna Lee 14 October 1969 118 5.05
Jeannie gives Mrs. Bellows some face cream that changes her physical appearance, making her appear 20 years younger. She becomes a beautiful woman whom no one recognizes, not even her husband. (features Harold Gould as General Whetherby).
Jeannie and the Bachelor Party Hal Cooper Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant 21 October 1969 119 5.06
Roger and Dr. Bellows pretend that there is to be a meeting so that they can give Tony a surprise Bachelor Party. Tony has no idea. Jeannie, made suspicious when Mrs. Bellows rings up Mrs. Schaeffer and the General himself answers, accuses Tony of lying to her. Tony manages to convince her he did not know and her magic saves everyone from an awkward situation.
7 The Blood of a Jeannie Claudio Guzman John L. Greene 28 October 1969 120 5.07
As genies have red and green blood, Roger masquerades his arm as Jeannie's so that she can get a certificate of perfect health to be eligible to marry Tony. A man at the jeweler's store (Ned Glass) steals Tony's wallet so Jeannie blinks the jeweler's store into his office. Roger stops anyone leaving as they will walk out into a NASA corridor. Jeannie's eyes have been dilated and she can't blink but when she can she makes the thief return the wallet and blinks the store back. Roger apologizes and leaves when a man walks in from the street.
8 I'll See You in C. U. B. A. Hal Cooper John McGreevey 4 November 1969 121 5.08
Jeannie blinks Tony home when he is supposed to be on an automatically working plane, bound to Ramey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico, in case of malfunction. Jeannie blinks the plane to stop it malfunctioning and puts Tony back on it. Both Tony and the plane arrive in Cuba where he is held hostage. When Roger hears Tony is missing, he tells Jeannie who blinks him into the department store where she and Mrs. Bellows are shopping. Mrs. Bellows is convinced he is in the store, but no one else is. Tony and Roger are both sent back to Cuba where Roger's attempts to rescue him backfire. Jeannie eventually blinks them back home and as Dr. Bellows prepares to break the news that Tony didn't make it, Tony himself walks in and explains he was blown off course. Farrah Fawcett appears as Roger's tennis partner.
Jeannie & the Mad Home Wrecker Hal Cooper Howard Ostroff 11 November 1969 122 5.09
An unorthodox artist decorates Tony and Jeannie's house in an unusual way as an engagement present. Tony doesn't like it and masquerading as a "mad home wrecker" destroys it. Jeannie doesn't realize that and, feeling sorry for the artist, repairs it. When Tony tells her the truth, Jeannie replaces the artist's design with a room design both she and Tony like by blinking.
10 Uncle A-Go-Go Russ Mayberry Ron Friedman 25 November 1969 123 5.10
Jeannie's English uncles have to approve of her future husband. Asmire wants him to be a gentleman and Vasmir wants him to be a relaxed chap who gambles and drinks. Vasmir impersonates Dr. Bellows but Tony thinks Dr. Bellows is crazy. He impresses Asmire, who is impersonating General Schaeffer, by his concern for fellow officers and other gentlemanly qualities and gets his blessing for his marriage to Jeannie.
IDOJ Episode 5x11 - The Wedding - Tony and Jeannie's Big Day
11  The Wedding Claudio Guzman James Henerson 2 December 1969 124 5.11
Major Nelson and Jeannie finally get married, with Major Healey as best man — but not without problems: Jeannie's image can't be photographed so Jeannie substitutes a mechanical mannequin for herself.
12   My Sister, the Home Wrecker Claudio Guzman James Henerson 9 December 1969 125 5.12
Jeannie's sister, hearing of the marriage, decides to split Jeannie and Tony up for good by impersonating Jeannie and starting a relationship with another handsome officer (played by Michael Ansara). Jeannie and Tony catch on and, locking her sister in the closet, Jeannie comes in her sister's form, blaming the identity confusion on a blonde wig. Farrah Fawcett appears as Roger's date.
13   Jeannie, the Matchmaker Claudio Guzman Don Richman & Bill Daily 16 December 1969 126 5.13
Although Tony and Jeannie are happily wed, Tony's best friend Roger remains a lonely bachelor. Hoping to remedy this situation, Tony arranges a date between Roger and Patricia, the niece of General Schaeffer. Unfortunately, at the exact same time Jeannie pays a visit to a local computer dating service operator who she fixes Roger up with a voluptuous creature named Laverne (herself, played by Elaine Giftos).
14 Never Put a Jeannie on a Budget Oscar Rudolph Sidney Sheldon 30 December 1969 127 5.14
After an embarrassing situation involving his credit card, Tony puts Jeannie on a budget. When a NASA guest, a Russian cosmonaut (Noam Pitlik), arrives, he is amazed to find that Jeannie has taken in boarders and Tony is embarrassed when Jeannie serves half a TV dinner and half an apple each. Dr. Bellows gives Tony a chance to redeem himself by organizing a party. Learning NASA will pay, Jeannie serves a feast, but as NASA will not pay for water or electricity, removes both and replaces it with lighted candles. Friends of the boarders arrive and turn the party into a mod affair, but the Russian guest is delighted because there are Russian folk songs, Russian music, dancing and candlelight.
15 Please Don't Give My Jeannie No More Wine Jon Anderson James Henerson 6 January 1970 128 5.15
When Tony forgets to take a gift when dining with the Bellows, Jeannie blinks up some wine. The wine is delicious but as soon as the Bellows taste it they become invisible. Tony sends Roger to delay a NASA guest until the Bellows are visible once more. As the Bellows can't be seen, Tony has some funny accidents. When the guest finally arrives in a taxi he was fed up of Major Healey not knowing the way. Tony and Jeannie, who were about to leave, are shocked when Dr. Bellows offers him some wine.
16 One of Our Hotels Is Growing Jerry Bernstein Robert Rodgers 13 January 1970 129 5.16
Tony and Jeannie go on a honeymoon, accompanied by the Bellows' and Roger, who want an ordinary holiday. As there are no rooms available, Jeannie creates a 13th floor. She is forced to blink it in and out to stop the Bellows and the hotel staff (played by Marvin Kaplan and Ned Wertimer) finding out the truth. Jeannie, Tony and Roger pretend to be hotel staff to keep the Bellows on the same floor until the Bellows decide to leave. Tony as an elevator boy gives a made up explanation of the strange happenings and all of them finally leave.
17 The Solid Gold Jeannie Jerry Bernstein Joanna Lee 20 January 1970 130 5.17
Tony, Commander Wingate (now portrayed by Robert Hogan) and Roger have to be in isolation as they may contaminate the outer world with germs from the moon. Jeannie forgets this and blinks in to hug Tony. She now can't leave so Tony persuades her to disguise herself as a tiny golden trophy. Unfortunately Wingate and Dr. and Mrs. Bellows see her and is convinced she is an alien from the moon.
18 Mrs. Djinn Djinn Russ Mayberry Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant 3 February 1970 131 5.18
Roger thinks Jeannie is pregnant and tells Tony and the base. In fact it is Mrs. Jhinn Jhinn, the dog, who is expecting.
19 Jeannie and the Curious Kid Claudio Guzman Dick Bensfield, Perry Grant 10 February 1970 132 5.19
Mrs. Bellows' nephew sees Jeannie come out of her bottle when he spends the day at the Nelson's house. He later steals the bottle after seeing Jeannie return to it.
20 Jeannie, the Recording Secretary Claudio Guzman James Henerson 24 February 1970 133 5.20
Jeanie happens to be nominated as the recording secretary of the officer's wives association and tries to get Tony nominated as the best husband when he is at a mission, causing him to appear at two places at the same time.
21 Help, Help! A Shark! Claudio Guzman James Henerson 3 March 1970 134 5.21
Major Nelson is denied a vacation when he yells at General Schaffer at the pool table, causing him to lose a grudge match against an old friend (Jim Backus), and later breaks his hand and tries to play from his side in a rematch.
NoImageAvailable 22 Eternally Yours, Jeannie Joseph Goodson James Henerson 17 March 1970 135 5.22
Tony gets a letter from his old college sweetheart Bonnie, saying she is going to meet up with him. Jeannie gets jealous and turns herself into the girl, but Tony sees Jeannie using her powers and so teaches her a lesson. Meanwhile when the real Bonnie turns up, Tony thinks she is Jeannie and makes a complete fool of himself...and a target of Bonnie's jealous husband.
23 An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing Bruce Kessler James Henerson 24 March 1970 136 5.23
To celebrate six months together, Jeannie tries to knit a gift sweater for Tony on realizing that he considers hand-made gifts to be more valuable, but she fails when she tries to raise a sheep and get its wool sheared.
24   Hurricane Jeannie Claudio Guzman James Henerson 28 April 1970 137 5.24
Dr. Bellows learns Jeannie's true identity when a storm maroons both Roger and Dr. Bellows at the Nelsons' house. In the end, though, it turns out it is all a nightmare Tony has experienced.

NOTE: clip show. This episode was originally intended to be the series finale (At the time the episode was written, NBC had not yet decided whether or not to renew the show). This episode—which tied up the show's loose ends—was written in the event of a sudden cancellation. Once NBC renewed the show, the decision was made to rewrite the episode as a dream sequence.

IDOF Episode 5x25 - The Poker Game
25 One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind Michael Ansara Perry Grant & Dick Bensfield 19 May 1970 138 5.25
After Tony and Roger win at poker, thanks to Jeannie, they are under suspicion of being cardsharks. Worse still, the mobsters who are the real cardsharks believe that Roger is a cardshark too, and give him an ultimatum; win for them or take a swim in the river wearing cement shoes.
Arvel sells ring to Roger
26  My Master, the Chili King Claudio Guzman James Henerson 26 May 1970 139 5.26
In the series finale, Tony's cousin Arvel persuades Jeannie to give Tony "financial security" as a surprise present by marketing his homemade chili, with Tony's picture on every can. Jeannie does not realize that Tony is not allowed to endorse products.