Chinese Spy ring leader "Princess" tries to extort military defense project plans from Tony in "Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper" in Season 1.
Vital characteristics:
Species: Human, turned into cockatoo ny Jeannie
Gender Female
Nationality: Chinese
Family/Personal information:
Character information
Appeared on/in: I Dream of Jeannie
Number of episodes: "Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper" in Season 1
Portrayed by Linda Ho

Princess, the ring leader of a Chinese spy ring who kidnaps Major Nelson from his home in an attempt to extort military defense plans from him, appears in the Seaaon 1 episode of I Dream of Jeannie titled "Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper". The part of Princess is played by Linda Ho.

About Princess

When Tony is kidnapped by two Chinese secret agents, Wong and Chan (Richard Loo, James Hong), and Jeannie turns down his plea for help. She tells Roger that because of her oath she would lose her supernatural powers if she aids Tony, but agrees to let Roger know what is happening to him.

From then on, she pops back and forth where Tony is being held prisoner; the female ring leader of the spy ring, the lovely Princess, insists that that they take Tony, whom she quickly becomes attracted to, back to China to interrogate him further (the original plan was to "dispose of him" after they got the defense secrets), as Tony is able to inform Roger what progress his captors are making in forcing him to reveal the details of the secret space program.

After she reveals that she has "some special plans" for him in her and the other agents interrogation of him, which included a form a water torture (they have him bound by his legs and ankles), Jeannie is able to foil the agents plans as she turns her into a cockatoo!  

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