The Mod Party
Season Two, Episode 31
Number (#61) in series (139 episodes)
IDOJ episode 2x31 - The Mod Party
Roger decides to hold a "mod" party and invites Tony and Jeannie in "The Mod Party" in Season 2.
Air date April 24, 1967
Production code 2.31
Written by Douglas M. Dick (story)
Peggy Chantler Dick (story and teleplay)
Directed by Claudio Guzmán
Guest stars: Dabney Coleman
Hilary Thompson
Cathleen Cordell
Paul Potash
Hollis Morrison
Mason Curry
Sue Williamson
Laurance Hall
Judy-Ann Jones
Episode chronology
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"My Master, the Swinging Bachelor" "Fly Me to the Moon"
(Season 3 premiere)

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The Mod Party is the thirty-first and season ending episode of Season 2 of I Dream of Jeannie, and the 61st overall episode of the series. The episode, which was co-written by the husband/wife writing team of Douglas and Peggy Chantler Dick, was directed by Claudio Guzman. It originally aired on NBC-TV on April 24, 1967.


Tony and Roger make up excuses to get out of a meeting with Dr. Bellows to attend a mod party. Things are fine until Dr. Bellows shows up at Tony's house.


Roger decides to hold a "mod" party and invites Tony and Jeannie. They forget it conflicts with a meeting Dr. Bellows set up, and tell him they will be hunting. Mrs. Bellows finds out about the party when Jeannie goes to buy a dress. When Dr. and Mrs. Bellows go to the party to confront Tony and Roger, Jeannie blinks them into Roman hunting outfits and they end up camping in the rain.


Main Cast

Guest starring


  • The episode's title refers to the mod or MODernist subculture that originated in London, England in the late 1950s and peaked in the early to mid 1960s that was typified by fashion, pop music and British beat music.


  1. In one scene, Tony and Roger are "hunting" in skirts that Jeannie blinks up for them. Tony ends up hanging upside down revealing striped underpants. Back at the party, he is dancing and his skirt flips up showing solid underpants.
  2. When Jeannie and Tony come near the door, the picture on the wall falls down. When Dr Bellows and his wife come near the door the picture is back upon the wall and then falls down again.
  3. In the opening scene, the next door neighbor is holding red roses. After a camera change, he is holding yellow roses.
  4. In the opening scene, when Tony is pulling the car out of the garage, the car stops short before Jeannie blinks herself onto the hood of the car.

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