The Yacht Murder Case
Season 1, Episode 6
Number (#6) in series (139 episodes)
P.J. Ferguson offers Tony a job
Wealthy industrialist P.J. Ferguson offers Tony a civilian job with his corporation, Ferguson Aerospace.
Air date 23 October 1965
Production code 1.06
Written by Sidney Sheldon, David Braverman & Bob Marcus
Directed by Gene Nelson
Guest stars: C. Lindsay Workman
David Brian
Sharon Farrell
Richard Webb
Sandra Gould
Victoria Carroll
Robert Dornan
Roy Taguchi
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The Yacht Murder Case is the sixth episode of the First Season of I Dream of Jeannie. Written by series creator Sidney Sheldon with David Braverman and Bob Marcus, the episode, which was directed by Gene Nelson, originally aired on NBC-TV on 23 October 1965.


Trouble abounds on the high seas when Jeannie follows Tony on a yacht for a very important meeting with P.J. Ferguson, an aerospace executive (and his beautiful daughter Nina). When he forbids her from accompanying him on the trip. he manages to trap her in the vacuum, only for her to escape out of it moments later when the housekeeper arrives. When Jeannie all of a sudden pops up the yacht, Tony orders her to go home, which she obliges by blinking. Anyhow, when Tony and the other officers from NASA are at the yacht party later that evening, P.J. offers Tony a cushy civilian job with his company, Ferguson Aerospace, which he appreciatively but gracefully and politely declines. P.J. quickly rescinds his offer and has him arrested when Jeannie all of a sudden disappears in the blink of an eye, the other guests think her sudden disappearance is a sure sign of murder.

When Tony is arrested on suspicion of murder for Jeannie's sudden disappearance, he has Roger, whom at this point, still doesn't know Jeannie, or of her powers as a genie, go to his house and relay a message to her that he's in big trouble, and that he needs her, by talking to the vacuum, and the walls, as Dr. Bellows walks in on him.

Anyhow, after Jeannie gets the message, and bails him out of jail, Jeannie gets to meet P.J. who arrives at the holding cell with General Fletcher, as the charges on Tony are dropped as he allows Jeannie to stay with him on his yacht trip.


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