Too Many Tonys
Season 1, Episode 15
Number (#15) in series (139 episodes)
IDOJ episode 1x15 - Too Many Tonys
Jeannie blinks a more amorous double of Tony, which makes him jealous.
Air date 25 December 1965
Production code 1.15
Written by Sidney Sheldon & Arthur Horwitt
Directed by E.W. Swackhamer
Guest stars: Henry Hunter
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"What House Across the Street?" "Get Me to Mecca on Time"

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Too Many Tonys is the 15th episode of Season 1 of I Dream of Jeannie, also the fifteenth overall series episode. Co-written by James Allardice and Tom Adair, the episode, which was directed by E.W. Swackhamer, originally aired on NBC-TV on Christmas Day, 25 December 1965.


Frustrated with Tony's apparent lack of affection for her, Jeannie creates a double of him who does all the things romantically that she wishes he would do, such as tell her how much he loves her, kiss her, and such, which begins to irritate Tony, making him jealous. But even this gets to be a little too much, even for Jeannie, as she begins to get the urge tell him to "go away", as she then upon Tony's command, blinks him away, as his more amorous counterpart, in proposing marriage to Jeannie, and telling Dr. Bellows over the phome, gets him in a real bind, as General Peterson and Dr. Bellows gets the impression that Tony wishes to get married that Sunday morning at the base chapel.

Tony Jeannie and the Chaplain

Tony and Jeannie and the Base Chaplain, preparing to go through with the wedding nuptials.

The situation forces Tony into going with the nuptials, as Tony, in trying to go to Dr. Bellows's office to him about postponing the wedding. Dr.Bellows, who thought he was actually talking to him over the phone when the phony Tony had been talking to him, adds more pressure upon him, telling him:

"Now that you're marrying that girl there'll be no more incidents. There'll be no more behaving peculiarly. You're gonna stop talking to walls, hearing voices and and 115 other things listed in here... Yes, sir, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to Sunday!"

Anyway, on the day of the wedding, Jeannie, who had longed for that fateful day, and as she later says, she could never "force herself upon him", reluctantly sides with Tony ii "leaving him stannding at the alter", acting as if she did not want to marry him, as Dr. Bellows tells him, "That's a very unstable girl. l think you're a lucky man to be out of it!"


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