Uncle Azmire
Arthur Malet as Uncle Azmire
Uncle Azmire, played by Arthur Malet
Vital characteristics:
Gender Male
Age: ???, perhaps about 3000 years old, based on Jeannie's age
Family/Personal information:
Related to: Uncle Vazmir (brother)
Jeannie (niece)
Jeannie II (niece)
About: Argues fellow brother often, this time over the approval of Tony as the prospective husband to be, which they must approve of for them to wed with the family blessing
Posed as Dr. Bellows to question Tony, in doing so trading clothes with him, causing him to be thrown off the base
Character information
Appeared on/in: I Dream of Jeannie
Number of episodes: "Uncle A-Go-Go" in season 5
Portrayed by Arthur Malet / Hayden Rorke

Uncle Azmire, one of Jeannie's uncles, appears in the Season 5 episode of I Dream of Jeannie titled "Uncle A-Go-Go". The part of Vazmir is played by British actor Arthur Malet.

About Azmire

When Jeannie's uncle Azmire, along with brother Vazmir visit her and Tony, they arrive to "interview" soon to be husband Tony, for the two must approve of him as a prospective mate for Jeannie in order for the two to wed with the family blessing. In doing so, he and his brother pull out all the stops in getting info on Tony, while he is at home and at work at the base, as he disguises himself as Dr. Bellows in doing so. he blinks himself into looking like him, changing clothes with him, which causes Bellows to be escorted off base!

In impersonating Bellows, whom he first runs into in the NASA main building, he winds up having Roger play a shell game with him in Dr. Bellows's office, and when he meets Tony, who thinks he's Bellows, by greeting him with a ukelele redition of "I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts", which leads Tony to think Bellows has gone off his rocker! When Tony declines to sing along with him, and refuses to take a swing of the liquor he was drinking, says to him "Oh, you don't gamble, you don't drink, and you don't sing! Yeah."

Well, by the time Dr. Bellows is able to convince the base MP's to allow him back on base through General Schaeffer, who was being impersonated by Vazmir in the attempt to gather information on Tony, the two were able to blink themselves into two high ranking British Air force officers, in approving of Tony and Jeannie's marriage.

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