Watch the Birdie
Season 1, Episode 23
Number (#23) in series (139 episodes)
IDOJ episode 1z9 - 1280x720 Watch the Birdie - Golf pro Tony
When Jeannie spells Tony, who doesn't play golf, to where he can play as good as Arnold Palmer while on the base golf course with Dr. Bellows and Gen. Peterson, it impresses everbody, including the golf instructor, golf pro Ray Barber, in "Watch the Birdie" in Season 1.
Air date February 26, 1966
Production code 1.23
Written by Sidney Sheldon
Directed by Hal Cooper
Guest stars: Ray Teal
Jerry Barber
Gene Boland
Episode chronology
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"How Lucky Can You Get?" "The Permanent House Guest"

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Watch the Birdie is the 23rd episode of I Dream of Jeannie, and the 23rd overall series episode. Directed by Hal Cooper, the episode, which was written by series creator Sidney Sheldon, premiered on NBC-TV on February 26, 1966.


Tony becomes General Peterson's golf partner when Jeannie makes him play like Arnold Palmer.


Jeannie assists with her Master's golf swing, and General Peterson is so impressed that he makes Tony his partner at an important championship game. Tony's determined to rise to the occasion without help, but soon realizes that Jeannie may be his hole-in-one. Jerry Barber appears as himself.


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