What House Across the Street?
Season 1, Episode 14
Number (#14) in series (139 episodes)
Jeannie's House
The house, which Jeannie picked from a magazine ad, which she presents to date Roger as her parents home in the episode "What House Across the Street?" in season 1.
Air date 18 December 1965
Production code 1.14
Written by Bob Fisher & Arthur Alsberg
Directed by E.W. Swackhamer
Guest stars: Jack Collins
Lurene Tuttle
Avis Scott
Walter Woolf King
Oliver McGowan
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"Russian Roulette" "Too Many Tonys"

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What House Across the Street? is the fourteenth episode of the First Season of I Dream of Jeannie, and the fourteenth overall series episode. Co-written by Bob Fisher and Arthur Alsberg, the episode, which was directed by E.W. Swackhamer, originally aired on NBC-TV on 18 December 1965.

Short Summary

Jeannie invites Roger to visit her home that she blinks one onto a nearby vacant lot and creates parents based upon characters she sees on TV.


Jeannie's mother visits, giving her advice on how to make Tony jealous, when Jeannie, whom Roger has been dating, gets frustrated with Tony at his apparent feet dragging in "popping the big marriage question". Roger first met Jeannie at NASA, runn blinked herself there to see Tony at NASA, before she blinked herself back home suddenly, piquing his interest in her; he has already had lunch with her, as Jeannie claims to Tony that he has offered to take her hand in marrige.

Anyhow, when Jeannie's mom visits, the one thing which they converse about is Jeannie marrying, and, according to her, Tony's seeming procrastination in asking Jeannie's hand in doing so. What Jeannie's mom comes up with a plan to make Tony jealous of Roger, who plans to date Jeannie again, but doesn't know where she lives, and only meets with her on trips to the library! With her mother's help, Jeannie is to concoct a fake mother and father, and a fake residence.

When Jeannie is able to come up with the location to use as her parent's house, a vacant lot just across from Tony's home, it gets Tony into a real predicament as Dr. Bellows, who had been working with General Hadley in evaluationg Tony and Roger's work in the NASA program, had just purchased with the intent of building a new home for he and his wife himself!

Jeannie also comes up with the parents, which they name "The, which she drew from a TV commercial advertisements! When Roger arrives at "Jeannie's home", they introduce themselves in a way which Roger later tells Tony who asks him if he met the two, as if it was like tuning into a commercial:

*Jeannie's "Mom", Mrs. Prescott: "I've been looking forward to meeting you two for quite some time. When my daughter told me she was engaged, l said: Darling, blondes do have more fun.

*Jeannie's "Dad", Mr. Prescott: My wife used to be a ratty brunette. ls your hair streaked with dingy, unattractive gray? Mine was. But then l learned about Streakaway."



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